About this blog

Hi there,

If you’ve made it this far, you have found my blog and chosen to learn a little more about me.  Thanks for stopping by, I promise not to disappoint.

I started this blog in as a way to assemble my thoughts and observations of the business world in general, and to write about some of the things that interest me in and outside of my day job as a commercial real estate broker.  I do what I can to keep it fresh, but once in a while I disappear for a bit, so hang in there.

I’ve been a commercial real estate broker for about 7 years, and worked in finance for a couple of years before that.  I am fascinated with entrepreneurship, social media, and marketing. I am involved in a couple of side projects that fill up the time that I do not spend with my wife and family, and my dog.

I enjoy sharing my experiences (good and bad!) with people, and think blogging is a good way to meet more people, learn more about myself and explore new ideas.

I live in Boston, MA.

Here are some things that interest me:

  • Meeting new people & hanging out with family & friends
  • staying fit – running, cycling, working out in general, CrossFit
  • Craft beers (especially Saranac products from the West End Brewing Company)
  • Exploring new places
  • Cooking
  • Yardwork and manual labor – manly things
  • Reading books about entrepreneurship, history & social commentary
  • Sports

Here are some things that don’t interest me:

  • Business suits
  • Unfriendly/non-transparent people
  • Idleness
  • Small, fluffy, white dogs
  • Strip malls

Please feel free to contact me:

I like beer…

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